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“Children are born with their own optimism.
They have a clarity and a simplicity that we can only wish for.”

Meshell Ndegeocello


As we grow and experience more, get to know ourselves and interact with others, we lose that clarity and start to set in motion habits and behaviours that limit our clarity and creativity.

I love this quote because it sums up how we, as unexperienced children, see things literally and, therefore, in a very clear manner.

In business, this lack of clarity is all-consuming as the overwhelming functions of a business overtake our everyday activity and what we set out to do becomes very blurred.

It’s to time to get clear, not only about WHAT you’re trying to achieve, but more importantly about HOW you are going to achieve it.

We provide the advice and support you and your business need to gain a clear perspective, overcome challenges and further develop.

Professional Consultant to Make Business Growth Simple

More is always achieved when things are kept simple. I once saw the following presented at a conference many years ago and I was struck by its simplicity.

Amount of Opportunity (Your Target Market)


Conversion Rate




The amount of times they buy from you


The amount they spend with you






There are of course many other facets to consider – legal, compliance, regulation etc., however I believe the above is the lifeblood of a business. Without customers buying from you, you don’t have a business.

I am focused on 3 elements

GET – New Customers

The lifeblood of every business is it’s ability to generate a constant supply of leads or enquiries. Many SME’s have marketing strategies that create a great supply of opportunities and hope that is enough, but without conversion strategies they remain people who are interested not paying customers. Therefore conversion strategies are essential to complement the marketing they do.

KEEP – Your Existing Customers

Once a customer, your contact strategy and interaction with them is vital to reduce attrition and maximise their value.

GROW – Those Customers to Become Long-Term Partners

Building on your contact strategy you could increase the frequency that they buy from you and as the relationship strengthens you can get them to increase the average spend. The ultimate test is getting them to refer you to their contacts enhancing your lead generation strategies at no cost.

There is a 4th element, which I’m passionate about and that is people. By this, I mean the people in your business.

Whether you refer to them as Staff, Employees or Team Members, they are both the biggest cost to your business and the greatest asset. So it is only right that you should engage and collaborate with them at every opportunity. Companies with an engaged workforce benefit from 50% increased employee retention, 41% reduction in absenteeism and 17% increase in productivity.


I am privileged to have partnered with a number of companies who are all experts in what they do.

Engagement Multiplier is a web based employee engagement platform, which helps businesses measurably transform their organisation through quarterly assessments, secure two way feedback and 24/7 Suggestion Box. Engaged Organisations™ and those with an Engaged Purpose™ have higher retention, productivity, morale, profitability & growth.

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